Meir Duani

Prayer Crafts
Brief info

Reb Meir Duani served in the Israeli Air Force, fire and rescue brigade and became orthodox at the age of 23.
Reb Meir went to a Chabad yeshiva in Israel for 4 years where he studied with great Chabad Rabbis and delved in depth into the Torah! Reb. Meir got married with Orit Duanee, a wonderful savvy bookkeeper and together they have six beautiful children, ben porat yosef!
Reb. Meir is a designer, he creates and produces out of the box with great ease!
In his journey he also became a Sofer Stam and worked as one for 3 years.
Reb. Meir also went on shlichus to Bariloche Argentina for a tourist season and expressed there his love and dedication to HaShem.
Reb. Meir
moved to Florida seven years ago and since then used his artistic talents in the graphic design and large format printing industry.
Reb. Meir is an incredible artist, with unique patience and attentiveness.
G-d willing he will be sharing with the participants at the Simcha Farm his unique talents to strengthen power of creating through craftsmanship on the farm!
Farmers have to be ready to solve different handyman issues on their own, here comes Reb. Meir to show us how to get things done!