Nili Segal

Soul Nurturing / Founder
Brief info

Nili Haimoff Segal is the granddaughter of Rabbi Simcha Haimoff who was the youngest Rabbi Dayan in Jerusalem at the time.
The Simcha Farm is named after him to continue his legacy and truth.
Nili Segal, born in NY, served in the Israeli army, opened an international renown jewelry business in Belgium called Elini, has dedicated her “grandma years”to going back to her roots, following the ways of her grandfather Rav Simcha…embracing the communities in her midst, caring for our future generations with an abundance of self sacrifice and dedication.
Modest in her ways she is able to encourage and help many to excel and bring their dreams to fruition.
Nili is a woman that does not take no for an answer and is willing to fight for the well-being of the next generations.
Nili has created a brand name, instead of mission impossible:
Mission Possible.
Through her softness and attentiveness which children and adults feel in her presence, she leaves an impact on and a will to do, to those that are fortunate to meet, learn and share moments with her.
Nili is happily married to Rabbi Dvir Segal and together they set an example to true inner peace and joy, giving the Creator all the credit for everything they have and share.
Their love is felt throughout our communities with much humbleness and humility.