Ayala Avroya

Logistical Support
Brief info

Ayala Avroya, is proudly born in Israel and cultured through travel and early independence.
Ayala loves children and sees them as our opportunity to grow and nurture our healthy future generations of loving caring citizens with a motto:
“This isn’t going to happen anymore!”
Bettering the communities is her passion and complete dedication day in and day out of her life.
A veteran of the IDF and a 40 year member of the South Florida community
Ayala cares to see our village get strong and have the resources it needs to raise our children healthy and safe.
Trained and experienced in various areas including social welfare, business/nonprofit management and administration. Ayala is focused on serving Hashem with happiness, she is a natural born mover and shaker, with a passion to make great things happen.
Ayala is super excited for this opportunity to serve our greater community through The Simcha Farms to establish new activities, events and opportunities for our children and families to enjoy.